Bright Beginnings


Kaiser's Eat Right, Live Well program: Moving in the right direction!

Bright Beginnings’ Eat Right, Live Well program, generously funded by Kaiser Permanente, brought realistic and manageable healthy living strategies to homeless families and the message that every family can eat right and live well. Since healthy parents raise healthy children, Eat Right, Live Well shared simple strategies for eating better, exercising more and understanding the nutritional content and health benefits of foods.

As a result of Eat Right, Live Well, homeless parents developed a greater awareness of healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables and low-sodium foods, as well as health challenges facing African Americans that can be minimized by healthier eating. Our nutrition and food education activities were geared to meet the budgets and lifestyles of homeless parents. Our trips to grocery stores frequented by parents, such as Safeway and Giant, and our food label training, helped our families to develop greater proficiency in understanding quantities and prices and checking sodium and fiber content.

Eat Right, Live Well, which was launched in January 2010, engaged 50 parents and 125 children in numerous activities that emphasized healthy foods, a nourishing diet and physical activity. A full year of Eat Right, Live Well activities included  a daily health survey, nutrition education, food/nutrition demonstrations for adults and children, a walking club, walking-oriented field trips, 2 fitness and health expos, grocery store trips, health forums and coordination with healthcare, nutrition and fitness partners to bring onsite. Our December 2010 fitness expo exposed parents to a variety of health, fitness and nutrition partners from our community and included accessible exercise strategies using household items that can be found at home, such as laundry detergent, as weights or resistance/toning equipment.  See our picture album from the Eat Right Live Well Adult Fitness Day!

Thank you Kaiser Permanente for supporting this valuable program!